Karaoke club of the entertainment center "Odeon"

"Odeon" is a place for those who like to sing and appreciate the high-quality sound. The atmosphere is supported by our best back-vocals.

"Odeon" means to sing. Come in karaoke club to sing and have fun together with us seven days a week!

Everyone who wants to relax and have a good time is a direct road to Odeon. Modern equipment and the best sound engineers make singing perfect and professional, and our author's collection of shows and cocktails will help you choose a beverage for musical inspiration.

In Odeon, lovers of music and singing will find for themselves what the soul desires in karaoke! Song base - thousands of domestic and foreign songs, hits and novelties.

We have all the ingredients for you to be 100% reincarnated in a superstar. The music system with vocal microphones and powerful acoustics ensures unrivaled sound of any composition.

Big screens, comfortable sofas, microphone in your hand - and you're a star!